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MEM Sound Therapy of Holistic Resonance


What People say about MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance

I just love it myself, seeing the stabilization effect on body, mind and emotion and love sharing it to people! And they love it too.

It´s spiritual free jazz gong yoga! One of the new yoga of the Aquarius Age. 

For me, it´s exactly what I was looking for. It´s effective, quick, easy, soft and leaves so much space for creating your own.

I am in Kundalini Yoga and at the moment I feel a big shift as all the rigid or stiff traditions are requested and for me, it seems that

great alignments to new energies are taking place. 

The feedback in my Gong Yoga Experience Groups is amazing. It opens them up so quickly and they love the "freestyle" mode.

It´s all about feeling the body and emotion again and less about tradition and structure. Just how I see and feel and go for it.

In daily life, there is often enough or too much structure people are caught in.

Alexandra Ott

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