MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance Teacher Training

- Module I

The first module is more self-oriented but sets up the most important foundations for an ongoing journey of becoming a Gong Yoga teacher. Most importantly it takes you on a very powerful journey of self-discovery and self-healing that just might be life-changing.

- Module II



OF THE 24H MEM PUJA WORKSHOP. Again, an intense week of learning and experiencing but most of all,


learning through creating. Diving into the Chiometer, Astrology, Elements and more. A serious boost in your


medicine bag

- Module III

Module 3 brings about another new aspect of MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance and it's called the Solar System Gong Yoga. A whole new chapter of the study and another rich addition to your tool repertoire. A beautiful way to support your gong events and planetary move abouts. 

This module also touches 1 on 1 work and some modalities to support it.

Another intense week of diving in, exploring and creating.

Training Testimonials

»The impressions of "MEM gong yoga of holistic resonance Module 1" are still settling in.
I had no idea what I signed up for, I only felt a clear call to come. Being the only one without a gong and musical background I was facing doubts if I fit in the group at all. I admit I was struggling with »not being enough« a lot…. But I was accepted with such loving kindness and support that all the feelings of insufficiencies gradually melted away. And I loved it. Everything. Indulging in sound therapy, not only with the gong, but singing and laughing on our training time and off. Yes, there was a lot of fantastic gonging and also kriyas that would burn your body like fire (very effective, on the verge of exorcism!).
But it was not only that. It was also about getting more connected to your true self, while being a part of a circle of amazing souls, living in their calling. Creating a feeling of a safe space to share your inside world and letting be seen as the fragile and fierce and gentle and wonderfull mess that you are. Now this, this is family.
Thank you«

Elizabeta Zupanič

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