From May 26th, 2019 to June 1st, 2020 in Madrid

MEM Gong Yoga of holistic resonance, created by the grand gong master Don Conreaux, is a yoga of oneness. It is a yoga that teaches you how to come to full presence. Through the physical workout, it offers you an open window to your emotional ties, wounds, memories, pains... But it doesn't stop there. It dives deeper into underlying causes and offers a profound and wholesome liberation and healing. It makes you vibrant like a resonant gong. It is a yoga of intention, focus, and purpose. Very simple and easy to learn on a first glance, but the more you get to explore and experience it, layer by layer, the more it is able to offer you... and that is why this journey is so worth taking no matter how experienced you are as a yoga practitioner of any kind or how skilled of a gong master you are and you don't need to be any of it.

To begin with, MEM Gong Yoga focuses on 39 muscles, each one of them linked to one of the 12 main meridians, the emotions they share and hold. By bringing in the breath, movement, awareness, and intention and further on sound, affirmations, etc., we release stuck emotions, congested energy and old patterns stored in our bodies, thus promoting health, wellbeing and inner peace.

MEM Gong Yoga of holistic resonance is a Yoga of creativity. It allows you and teaches you to bring forward all your talents and knowledge and incorporate them into designing your kriyas so they serve the initial purpose best. In a way, it can be your whole life of experience in a kriya to serve another purpose of healing and growth that leads you to become a "yoga design scientist" for yourself and others and, ultimately, a master of intuitive yoga.

This first module is more self-oriented but sets up the most important foundations for an ongoing journey of becoming a Gong Yoga teacher. Most importantly it takes you on a very powerful journey of self-discovery and self-healing that just might be life-changing.

On this training you will:
- get to know Gong Yoga and what's it all about
- learn Gong Yoga exercises 
- Explore the MEM (muscle, emotion, meridian) connections and how to work with them
- dive into the "anatomy" of breathing
- experience and open the powers of your healing voice with voice yoga, in-depth voice work, and Shruti singing
- learn about focus, intention, and purpose
- learn about mantras and start to create your own
- enrich your medicine bag
- get to experience themed morning Gong Yoga sessions and evening Gong Yoga Gong baths with your teachers
- learn to create personal Gong Yoga kriyas based on your needs 
- explore Gong Yoga with and without gongs
- embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment but also one full of nurturing, love and care
- learn to include Gong Yoga into your sound events

- co-create a very special 24-hour Puja

- and so much more...
- and so much fun!


 Avenida de Antonio Machado 

Santa Cruz del Valle - Avila, Spain

A perfect and intimate setting for our deep journey inward. 

The training fee is 990€ (includes all teachings and training materials, accommodation in shared rooms and 3 meals.

Early bird gets the goodies...

If you register by 16the February 2020, your price falls down to 940€. 

To secure your place send an email to  (English) or (Spanish) and pay a non-refundable deposit of 150€ (you get all the information once you register via email).

Places are limited. Are you with us?

In short, you are in for a treat!!! So, Welcome. 

© 2019 by Petra Trtnik. 

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