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Create he(ART)

An intergalactic, collaborative, experiential, multi-media full body sensory experience in a bag that we create and share with a stranger.  

Each bag is based on a monthly archetypal/mythical theme related to the astrological sign and the energies of the new moon for that month.  

It is meant to engage all the senses, so includes visual art, music, story, something to eat or drink, something with aroma, a component of play and complimentary healing modalities. 

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Want to collaborate with me?

Thank you for collaborating with me!

I'm RosaRuu

RosaRuu is a multi-dimensional, multi-media performance artist, writer, creator and healer. She started the create heART movement to learn/teach, give/take, inspire/share, connect/collaborate and play.  

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Do you feel like you were meant for something BIG, but still don’t know what it is?

All big things happen through millions of tiny steps. Take one.

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